August 12, 2019 at 12:21pm | Rima Rafeh

5 Tips from the Pros to First Time Home Buyers

Buying a home for the first time is daunting. Being mentally prepared and financially prepared are just at the tip of the iceberg. Here are 5 tips from’s article “How to Find Your Dream Home—Without Losing Your Mind.”

1. Know your budget.

The first step into purchasing your dream home is to know your budget. How much are you approved for? Get pre-approved for a mortgage if you are serious about purchasing your dream home. Even a non-competitive market understanding your budget can boost your confidence about choosing a home. It gives you insight on what you can afford and will steer you away from that heartbreak we know so well when it comes down to falling in love with a home outside your budget.

2. Get focused.

Get focused on what you REALLY need and what you WANT. I mean do you really need a 3-car garage if you only have 1 car? Think about it. What is a luxury versus what is a necessity? For example, necessity can be a fenced yard for your kids and dog, or maybe a home close to your workplace. List all the features of a home you would like and list them as necessities or luxuries. 

3. Location, location, location!

We have all heard this before. Location is very important, more so than features some may argue. It is true, every neighborhood is unique and offers a different kind of charm. A good tip for first time home buyers is to go on a test-drive to get a feel on how frequent commutes may seem like driving to your kids’ school, drive to work, your favorite shopping center.  

4. Stick to a specific style of the house.

According to’s article  “if you have several younger kids and don’t want your bedroom on a different level, steer clear of Cape Cod-style homes, which typically feature two or more bedrooms on the upper level and the master on the main.” Go through what your family needs in a home and it will help you narrow down your search, in turn making the process quicker and less of a pain. 

5. Take your camera.

Or phone. Once you start house hunting and visiting the homes that interest you, the features may start to blur. Instead of inducing a headache, take out your smartphone and take pictures of the homes while also taking notes on which house is which; making notes on your likes and dislikes about each property. It will save you a couple of Tylenols later on.


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