July 16, 2019 at 11:27am | Rima Rafeh

Prepping For Selling Your Home

As all homeowners prepare to put their homes on the market, they experience that feeling of fear. What helps calm that little bubble of anxiety is understanding the process.


With any potential home buyer, you want them to fall in love with your home if it’s on the market. Taking the right steps to prepare it to list is essential in helping it progress. While today’s market is better than anything we’ve seen in years, you still want to be ready for any question or concern your potential buyer has.


Finding the perfect agent in real estate is like finding a unicorn in the woods, it’s hard! You want somebody you connect with, yet you also want an agent that has experience. Somebody who has a friendly personality and is willing to go the extra mile for you as their client. Every agent out there has the ability to market your home, but only the right one will be able to call you with a reasonable offer and get it sold.


Any good agent will discuss the importance of marketing with you. When you list your home, you’re not only putting it out in the real estate market, but you’re hiring somebody to market it as if it’s the top fashion design out there. You want them to bring you an offer for the top dollar you can get. Many companies will use well-known websites to promote your property, but the best ones will ensure all agents surrounding your area know it’s on the market. They’ll host open houses for other agents and make sure every agent and realtor in their area has seen the property. This will provide the opportunity for agents to recognize if it’s perfect for their potential buyers.


While finding the best agent to fit your needs and to market your property is important, you also want to understand the contract you’re legally agreeing to. With anything you sign, make sure your real estate professional can explain your contract. You want to know their marketing plan, how long you’re agreeing to list with them, and any special stipulations their company or personal contract declares. You’ll also want to understand the side of buying as well, so make sure you ask questions. With any property selling, there’s an opposing process. Have your agent explain the importance of lenders, appraisals, due diligence periods and inspections that will need to happen.

For any of your real estate needs, questions or curiosities, please contact us. We’re here to invest in you and ensure you make the best choices for selling your home.


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