January 07, 2019 at 2:57pm | Rima Rafeh

At The Rafeh Group, we understand that moving is not something to underestimate.

When undertaking such an important event that takes such a significant amount of time and energy, proper preparation is crucial. Here are some ways to simplify the moving process and make it easier for everyone involved.

30 Days Before Moving

An early start to the moving process will ensure that your moving day is less stressful. When you are a month out from your moving date, start the process by completing some of the more managerial moving tasks. Some of these tasks, including selling or donating items, getting estimates from movers, and arranging to disconnect and reconnect your utilities.

15 Days Before Moving

Instead of getting stressed as you get closer to moving, try and focus on completing tasks that will make your move easier. As you approach your moving date, start doing more specific packing tasks. Some of these include packing each room, returning rentals and canceling memberships.

Day Before Moving

On the day before moving, pack a suitcase to live out of during the first few days at your new residence. Complete other last-minute tasks like emptying and defrosting the refrigerator. Mentally prepare yourself to relax during the move. Enjoy one last night at your old house.

Moving Day

Congrats, the day is finally here! On the day that you move, make sure to confirm all of your details with the moving company. You will need to present payment as they unload the moving van at your new house, so bring it with you. Check every room one last time before you leave to check for any forgotten items or features.


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